The 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu – Krishna Janmashtami, was celebrated in Krishnamal Ramasubbaiyer School – CBSE  on August 30, 2021, with great devotion, divine and with full fervor by our students through virtual mode.

The programme commenced with an enthralling bhajan presentation by our students. As a part of the celebration, various activities like sloka recitation, Krishnashtakam, making of flute, jhula, mukut were conducted.

Students  participated enthusiastically and exhibited their talents.

Our tiny tots  of Kg – Grade II donned themselves in the attire of Lord Krishna and Radha, frolicking around with flutes, peacock feathers and matkas.




KG – LEVEL 2 :




GRADE – 2:


GRADE – 3:


GRADE – 4:




A colourful dance performance by students Grade – 1 to 5 who were dressed up as Krishna and Gopikas added to the delight.

The virtual  celebration was indeed truly enlightening , entertaining and the teachers inculcated the values from the divine life of Lord Krishna.




India is a blend of myriad religious and cultures. To imbibe in our children the values and ethos of every culture and community, our KRISHNAMAL RAMASUBBAIYER SCHOOL – CBSE , celebrated Onam on August 21, 2021 through virtual mode with much enthusiasm with all the students and in our school premises with teachers.

The celebration started with setting up of an attractive floral decoration in the reception area that was reminiscent of the agrarian past of Kerala.


Onam festivities included various activities such as athapookolam, face painting (Kathakali), making of greeting card, mask, snakeboat (vallamkali), wall hanging.






The main attraction of the session were athapookolam and face painting. The students were dressed in Onam traditional attire and added to the festivity.

The significance of the Onam celebration was elucidated by our teachers to the students.

Amidst cheers of happiness and excitement, children learnt the importance of the Onam day and imbibed in them pride, cultural oneness and a sense of belonging that we are one big family.




It is a proud moment for everyone as we approach the 75th Independence Day on August 15, 2021. This special day is celebrated for commemorating our brave leaders and fighters of history who won us the freedom that we are enjoying today. On this great occasion, our Krishnamal Ramasubbaiyer School – CBSE celebrated 75th Independence Day through virtual mode which was held in mesmerizing way.
The Tiranga, our national flag was hoisted by our energetic Principal of KRS Mrs.M.Surya Prabha with our KRS crew.

The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity.
Blooming buds of KRS welcomed the 75th Independence Day with our national song ( Vande Matram) which showcased their tribute to the freedom fighters. The session was filled by the auro of the patriotism.
Channelizing the creativity of students through various activities, Krishnammal Ramasubbaiyer School had organized online speech, video presentation, tricolor paper craft making, rangoli , face painting, poster making, patriotic costume contest related to the nation and Independence

Our tiny tots appeared with an excellent attire to bring our great leader into our sight which promotes the love towards our country to a great extend. As a part of our celebration the students participated in a collaborative art work of the national flag made by vegetable print technique and tricolor sanwich.

Students of Grade I & II brought the session alive with their passion and love of motherland through their speech and presented a placard of our national symbols.

Grade III gave a colourful performance by wearing attire of the different states of India. Young minds of Grade IV & V expressed their spirit of patriotism by displaying our national flag through paper craft and rangoli.

With pride Grade VI & Grade VII students participated in face painting contest ( I LOVE MY INDIA ) to express their patriotic love towards our nation. Patriotic movie was played for Grade VI & Grade VII . The Hanging scene of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru bought tears in the eyes of students. The students realized the struggles faced by our patriotic leaders to get the independence. Students of Grade VIII depicted the proud of our nation by the mind boggling poster with bright colours. They created their own slogans to convey the excellence of our nation.

All the teachers and students proudly participated in the rashtragaan contest which was conducted by ministry of culture and all they received e – certificate.

The students logged out with the image of fluttering tricolor in their mind and heart. May we continue celebrating this day forever.



 Our flourishing tiny tots of  KRISHNAMAL RAMASUBBAIYER SCHOOL  celebrated Yellow day on 01.07.2021. It was a pleasant and glorious day for the tiny tots. The significance of yellow was reiterated through a series of activities.

The virtual session began with fun filled introduction concerning the colour yellow. Students were all dressed up in different shades of yellow colour. They were excited while doing the craft and colouring activity and they enjoyed the day. The motive of celebrating yellow day was to make the students aware of the colour yellow and its significance.

It was an amazing learning experience which had a long lasting effect on each student .



The little ones of KRISHNAMAL RAMASUBBAIYER SCHOOL as part of colours day celebration Green day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on 23.07.2021. Green often symbolizes nature and the natural world.

Green is the colour of harmony and health.

Students were taught the identification and recognition of green fruits, vegetables, leaves and trees. Many activities and games pertaining to green colour were organized for the kids. They displayed green colour objects which were available in their homes.
It also prompted them to think how green colour energizes and revitalizes our lives.



 The brown colour says stability, reliability, dependability, and approachability. It is the color of our soil, growth, fertility, and earth, and it is associated the concepts of “all natural” and “organic.”

Brown is the color of the Earth and is comforting and nurturing.

                The toddlers of KRISHNAMAL RAMASUBBAIYER SCHOOL celebrated Brown Day on 17/07/21 by the KG students. Children were dressed up in brown colour dress. They showed objects which are in brown colour. An activity was given in the online class for identifying the colour.

                        Children also enjoyed the day by doing activities related to the colour brown like colouring Teddy Bears.



The international yoga day was celebrated in our school on 21st June 2021. The day was commemorated to encourage students to practice regular yoga and
imbibe the value of discipline to remain fit and improve concentration.

“Yoga rejuvenates our mind and body”

To make international yoga day more exciting various competitions were conducted such as poster making, essay writing. Students from Grade – 3 to Grade – 8 took part in the celebration. The Students came on an online platform to show their agility and balance by demonstrating various asanas. Physical Education department emphasized the importance of yoga in our day –today – life to the students. All the students participated with great energy and
the day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The celebration depicted the innumerable benefits of yoga.


A greener environment always ensures a better place for everyone. We must always strive to protect our environment and keep it clean. With this motto, our school celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June.The main objective of observing this day was to spread awareness how our Earth being polluted due to that what are all the problems we are facing and how to overcome from it.

The day was celebrated with enthusiasm, wherein various activities were designed for students to perform from their homes. The students actively participated in making posters, slogans, photo session on conservation of Mother Nature. The activities helped the children hone their creative skills.

The posters made by the students showcased the need to conserve our resources and to build a greener world. This thought provoking posters stimulated the awareness about the environment and aimed at enhancing attention and action towards safeguarding it.

Considering the manifold benefits of trees, students participated in plantation drives to make their surrounding clean.

A few words from our Green Panthers:

  • Interactions with Nature can help people recover from mental fatigue.
  • Getting outdoors or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear and stress and increases pleasant feelings.
  • Stress reduction is one of the most well known benefits of being Nature Lover.
  • Consequently, it may also help reduce blood pressure, muscle tension and the production of stress hormone.
  • Nature soothes your pain. So please love nature and protect the environment to lead a peaceful, healthy and a happy life like us.

An  effective speech on the theme of Mother Nature  and Threats to the Environment was presented by our students. They created awareness among their peer groups by sharing their valuable thoughts.


KG Activity – Red Colour

Toddlers of KG Learned Red Colour by doing activity in online class . All the students were elated. Attractive Red coloured toys like racing cars, teddy bears, dolls, balls, balloons, flying discs, flowers and masks made the learning online mode active and sporty. A lovely hour passed by getting introduced to the colour of love and happiness.