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Pongal Celebration 2023

Pongal 2023 Celebration

On January 14, 2023, the students at KRS celebrated Pongal. Students performed a variety of captivating songs and dances while dressed in vibrant ethnic attire. People chanted “Pongalo Pongal” as the milk started to boil and overflow during the preparation of the delicious Pongal for the celebration. The students were given the Sweet Pongal. The entire campus was decked for the celebration with colourful Rangoli, Pongal Pots, Sugarcane, and other decorations. The festivities started with a prayer, which was followed by a message reminding the kids of the significance of the harvest festival. Various cultural events, which included songs and dances, then illustrated the meaning of the festival. The day’s high point was playing the many indigenous games, such as finding the bean bag and shattering pots. The celebration concluded with a lovely message about all the numerous Pongal days and their importance to society. Students remembered from the message, the beauty of mother earth, the significance of the sun in supporting life, the need to show thanks to farm animals, the farmer who has dedicated his entire life to farming, and most significantly, the history of the heritage of togetherness.

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