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National Mathematics Day 2023 – Pre-Celebration

?✨ Celebrating National Mathematics Day with a Splash of Creativity and a Tribute to Mr. Ramanujan! ✨?
Today, the brilliant minds of our 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students staged a mathematical art program in honor of National Mathematics Day on Dec 22, 2023. ?? But our celebration doesn’t stop there – we also pay homage to the legendary mathematician, Mr. Ramanujan!
Much like the artistic equations displayed today, Mr. Ramanujan’s contributions to mathematics were nothing short of extraordinary. ?? His genius continues to inspire generations of mathematicians and scholars around the globe.
As we applaud the creative brilliance of our students, let’s also remember the remarkable journey of Mr. Ramanujan, whose passion for numbers left an indelible mark on the world of mathematics. ??
Here’s to a day filled with mathematical artistry and a nod to the timeless legacy of Mr. Ramanujan! ??
#NationalMathematicsDay #MathArt #RamanujanLegacy #InspiringMathematics ??‍??

Grandparents Day Celebration – 2023

?✨ Grandparents Day Celebration ???
What a delightful Saturday it was at our school on 2.12.2023, as we celebrated Grandparents Day with immense joy and love! ??
? The ceremony was inaugurated by our esteemed School Principal, Mrs. M. Suryaprabha, adding a special touch to the occasion.
?? Our talented school children mesmerized everyone with artistic programs, including enchanting dance performances and heartwarming dramas.
? Sports competitions were not just for our students but also for the wonderful grandfathers and grandmothers! Witnessing their active participation and enthusiasm was truly heartening.
? The highlight of the day was the honor bestowed upon the sports competition winners. School Principal Mrs. M. Suryaprabha wrapped them in the traditional ponnadai and presented them with thoughtful gifts.
?? A big shoutout to all the grandparents who made this day special with their infectious enthusiasm and love!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to making Grandparents Day at KRS CBSE a memorable and heartwarming celebration! ?? #GrandparentsDay #SchoolCelebration #MemorableMoments #LoveAndJoy ??

Kiddies Sport Meet 2023

?✨ Kiddies Sport Meet 2023 – Unleashing the Champions! ??
Get ready for an adrenaline-packed day as KRS and Sportz Village proudly present the Kiddies Sport Meet 2023! ??
? Date: 24-11-2023
? Venue: KRS
?‍♂️?‍♀️ Little feet, big dreams! Our young athletes from LKG to Grade 5 are geared up for a day of fun, fitness, and friendly competition. Join us as we witness the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie shine bright! ??‍♂️
? Highlighted Events and Winners: ??
? LKG Boys – Jungle Race
? LKG Girls – Kiddies Circuit
? UKG Boys – Adventure Ride
? UKG Girls – Traffic Lights
? Grade 1 Boys – Giraffe Jog
?️‍♀️ Grade 1 Girls – Lateral Jack
⚔️ Grade 2 A&B Boys – The Warrior
? Grade 2 A&B Girls – Treasure Hunt
? Grade 3 Boys – Chandrayan 3
? Grade 3 Girls – Chandrayan 3
?️ Grade 4 Boys – H.B.C Race
? Grade 4 Girls – K.R.S Race
?‍♂️ Grade 5 Boys – R.B.C Race
? Grade 5 Girls – K.R.S Race
? Witness the thrill of victory and the joy of participation as our young champions showcase their talents! ?
? Chief Guest and Prize Distribution: ??
We are honored to have our esteemed Principal as the chief guest, who will be presenting awards to our outstanding winners. Let’s applaud these young talents and celebrate their achievements together! ??
#KiddiesSportMeet2023 #YoungChampions #Sportsmanship #HealthyKids #ActiveLifestyle #KRS #SportzVillage #ProudParents #CommunityCelebration

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