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[vc_headings style=”theme5″ borderclr=”#000000″ title=”SCIENCE LABORATORIES” google_fonts=”font_family:Capriola%3Aregular|font_style:400%20regular%3A400%3Anormal” titleclr=”#000000″ icon=”fa fa-flask” iconclr=”#8c7e13″]Our school laboratories are designed   to meet the demands of the advancement in science and technology. Every year our laboratories are updated with latest equipment’s. Our laboratories give ample opportunities to our little scientist who is going to give their best inventions to the world of tomorrow. Our well trained faculties kindle the scientific interest in the students by developing curiosity in them.[/vc_headings]


Our Physics laboratory is well equipped as well as spacious and with modern equipments which help the students to learn the concepts of physics with hands on experiments. The tables have inbuilt connections of electricity so that children have easy access to it for electricity experiments. The lab is fully safe. At a time 30 students can work independently with individual apparatus.

Our Physics Lab goal

Students  acquire skill and confidence in their :

  • Measurement of physical quantities with appropriate accuracy.
  • Manipulations of materials, apparatus, tools, and measuring instruments .
  • Inference and reasoning from their observations  .
  • Clear descriptions of their observations and measurements


The power of concentrated HCL and watching flame of different colors during flame test make the student aware and bring the joy of learning for students.

The Chemistry laboratory is designed keeping all the statutory norms and safety standards. It is well ventilated as well as spacious. It has some of the most accurate digital measuring instruments required for measuring chemicals. Here, a scientific attitude is developed in the students along with the ability to analyze, collate, compute, integrate and deduce. In the lab, the students learn to handle apparatus and chemicals. They improve their understanding of various chemical reactions and chemical processes.


Our Biology lab allows students to examine and investigate the wonders of life. With microscopes and specimens (both plant and animal), students can explore, experiment and discover the wonders of nature beyond the classroom.

The Biology lab has all sorts of equipment’s like  Q.Ed lab ,compound microscope and dissecting microscope but also a variety of specimens of both flora and fauna, this facilitates the teacher to make the students aware of the different species by visually seeing them and satisfying their inquisitiveness about various aspects of the subject. The lab also gives students an opportunity to perform practical and leaves a huge impact on their naïve minds to evoke in them the ideas and potential to explore more and more in the field.

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