How it all began:

  • Established in June 1995 with classes VI to VIII
  • Proceeded with class IX in 1996
  • Introduced Kindergarten classes in 1996
  • Later began with classes I to V in 1997

A welcome change:

    • KRS shifted from Pasumalai to T.V.R. Nagar in 1998
    • Progressed with class X in 1998
    • Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing in 2007
    • Introduction of joyful ICT learning in 2009
    • Upgraded as Higher Secondary School in 2010
    • Easy…Enjoyable…Effective… English Learning Programme in 2010
    • Implementation of Math lab in 2011
    • Improvisation of Assessment to improve Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in teaching – learning of English, Mathematics and Science in 2011
    •  Introduced soft tech learning in 2011
    •  Implementation of complete digital learning for primary classes in 2013
    •  Progressed with Higher Secondary first year in 2011.
    •  Progressed with Higher Secondary Second year in 2012.
    •  Implementation of Robotics for our young geniuses to extensively explore the world of technology in 2018.
    •  Love for sport through EduSports in 2019. 

Growing Years:

  • Achieving Centum result in X and XII Std.
  • Bearing The Best School  Award from 1997 to 2015.
  • Bagged GOLD ZONE Award, International School Award 2014-2017.


Received “Fit India Certificate-2020”