Today’s  generation are adhering the improper food  habits without knowing its consequences.

In order to give awareness about the right nutrition and diet for the body National Nutrition week is

observed every year.

                                   2021 Theme‘ Feeding smart right from start’

         National Nutrition Week is observed in our  Krishnamal Ramasubbaiyer School – CBSE

On 1st September – 7th September 2021 . The main objective for the observation  Of  National

Nutrition Week is to :

  • create awareness among children on the importance and role of right nutrition and diet for the body.
  • reduce malnutrition
  • process the intake of food for growth, metabolism and repair.

The day was celebrated with enthusiasm, wherein various activities were designed for the students by our Science department. The students actively participated in making posters, gave a speech  about Junk foods and nutritious food  and we had a debate on  the topic of junk food consequences and nutritious foods benefit . Our honourable  Principal Mrs.M.Surya Prabha chaired the debate   and suggested to have a nutritious food and mineral containing foods such as fruits, vegetables , spinach etc. to avoid malnutrition diseases and to have a healthy and prosperous life.

Our teachers elucidated the importance of nutrition for the human body and necessary steps were discussed to take adequate measures to overcome malnourishment.

The session concluded with the impact in children’s  mind  that improper food habit leads to obesity, depression, digestive issue and diabetes.

The day’s objective was successfully accomplished and students understood the benefits of healthy food to lead a healthy and prosperous life.