The 20th of August have seen  the KRS CBSE school sports meet 2022 took effect in Grand Manner. The auspicious occasion  started by extending the cordial invitation to the chief guest.

Our respected principal madam welcomed the honourable chief guest Mr. K. Raja.

Our quire group’s prayer song kicked off the event. Our Honorable Principal Madam, Mrs. M. Suriyaprabha  gave a welcome speech. National flag, Olympic flag, and school flag were raised at the event by Dr. K.Raja, our chief guest, Mrs. Sujatha, the principal of SLCS, and Mrs. M. Suriyaprabha, the principal of KRS.

The “Meet open” was declared by our honourable chief guest Dr. K.Raja sir.

The organization of March Past demonstrated the responsibility of each and every student. All of the house team captains sincerely adhered to the directives of the school Pupil Leader Akash of grade 12.

The Olympic torch was lit by sports world achievers, igniting everyone’s spirit of sportsmanship. Our girls gave a fantastic performance of the classical dance.

Everyone has to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our kids’ mass drill is example of this. Our grade 2 and 3 students’ flexibility, discipline, and equality were demonstrated via aerobic dancing.

In the end, the winners were awarded medals and certificates.  The Meet saw its culmination with the National Anthem.