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International – Ozone day

An umbrella protects us from rain, Ozone layer protects the earth from the sun. Life couldn’t exist without the “ Ozone Layer “ . Montreal Protocol – Keeping us, our food and vaccines cool with this as motto, our school Krishnamal Ramasubbaiyer – CBSE celebrated International Ozone Day on 16th September 2021 .

The main objective of observing this day was to spread awareness about Ozone depletion which is a major environmental problem.

Our teachers elucidated the significance of the Ozone depletion by presenting ppt. Our teachers also explained with what the Ozone layer is made up of ,  how it is damaged, due to that what are all the effects will be faced by our earth and preventive measures to control Ozone depletion.

Our students also presented ppt . The student’s took oath on the day to protect Ozone layer with this the session concluded.

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